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Ever wonder where magical items come from? You're about to find out!

Manaforge is a dice-rolling, resource management game of crafting magical equipment. Players step into the role of wizards who specialize in creating magic items. Each wizard owns a magic shop in which they display the fruits of their labor for gold-laden adventurers to come in and purchase.

However, the adventurers' funds are finite, so wizards must compete to make their shops stand out from the rest. And what better way to impress adventurers then to have the most impressive selection of useful and powerful magical gear. At the end of the day, the wizard who accumulates the most Prestige (victory points) will attract the customers and make the sales. May the craftiest wizard win!

Game box includes the following components:

  • 106 cards
    • 72 Item cards
    • 20 Talent cards
    • 10 Gem cards
    • 4 player reference cards
  • 70 Gem tokens
  • 40 custom dice
  • Main gameboard
  • 4 player boards
  • Anvil first-player marker
  • 4 player score cubes
  • Rulebook


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